• system

    the easy and cheap way to end loadshedding

    upgrade - able with our TrioSolar systems

    since 1986 our solar systems are working well. Use our support togehter with our products. we can malke you save against power cuts and independent of your electricity price situation. Bying a TrioSolar systems means to get :

    • soft - and firmware updates.
    • green power plant design service.
    solarmax configuration
  • solar hybrid

    intelligent solar - ups, with high efficienty, 95 %

    solar hybrid
    date 5048E power
  • 1-2 KW Solar - UPS
    ups litte

    1 - 2 KW, 12 or 24 volt, a very cheap solution, lowest price on the market

    date 1-2 KW power 2

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