• benQ / AUO


            • very less installation costs.
            • enough energy for a organized green thinking living place.
            • good looking touchscreen, easy to understand.
            • 7,5 KWH LI IO Battery  automotive industrie standard.
            • no power cuts anymore with a real UPS.
            • 3 - 5,4 KW Photovoltaik power plant.
            • can be used without risk inside your house.
            • adjustable for your situation, power sharing, prepaid...


     Your green power plant

  • solar ups

    up to 4200 watts power, all the time

    solar ups3


            • can be used with different lead acid batterie parks
            • a UPS standard with wide ranges for difficult grid situations
            • TrioSolar control compatible
            • easy function, simply connect and use, we have done this for you
            • no power cuts anymore with a real UPS.
            • 1 - 5 KW Photovoltaik power plant.
            • we can deliver as a simply little plant ready in a transport box
            • 12 modes for different situations, adjusted automatic


  • Hybrid

     Hybrid-inverter-systems 3 to 10 KW 3 Phase



            • your load shedding is gone with this unit
            • TrioSolar control compatible
            • a perfect profi designed configuration software
            • no power cuts / load shedding anymore with a real SOLAR UPS
            • up to 15 KW Photovoltaik power possible
            • you get an exellent pv design
            • real 3 phase rotary current


  • TrioSolar REP

    TrioSolar inverter with USB, internet cloud and remotecontrol (RSE)


    • RemoteControl ( RSE )
    • USB used for WiFi, update and configuration
    • TCP IP, network
    • CLOUD server
    • modern design
    • IP 65  touch screen (real IP65)
    • just put the usb stick in the unit and you have your new configuration

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